Monday, April 25, 2016

Goa pre-paid taxi fare and distance chart (with map)

April 2016: The fare chart is no longer displayed, but the fares have not changed (since 2011). There is one taxi counter now.

March 2015: As you come out of the baggage carousel hall, you will find two taxi counters: 
(1) Black-Yellow Taxis run by the Government, and 
(2) White Taxis run by the Tourism Department. 

The Taxi fare charts and my map of the exit area of the new terminal building are shown below. A slip of paper with the destination, fare and taxi number are written and handed over to passengers. The designated taxi driver finds you (with a little help from friends). You need to follow the taxi driver to the vehicle, fasten seat belts (you may not always find  them since it is not compulsory for passengers), enjoy the ride, and pay the driver once you reach your destination. 

Government (Black-Yellow) Taxi counter:

Goa Tourism (White) taxi counter:

You can get the pre-paid taxi slips inside and outside the terminal, from two sides of the same counters. A map of the taxi counters and exit area shown below:

The amount indicated on the bill has to be paid to the driver on arrival at your destination. Like this bill from Jan 2015:  

In case you miss the counters inside the arrival hall, you can get the taxi coupons at the two counters outside the hall. 

Have a wonderful holiday..!!

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July 2014: The pre-paid taxi counter is located in the new airport terminal at Dabolim. Amazingly, the taxi fares from Dabolim airport have not changed since December 2011, when this post was first written.



December 2013:  The pre-paid taxi counter and fare chart is located just outside the current arrival hall, before the exit gate. The new terminal is not functional yet (as of last week of December 2013). 

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December 2012: Government approved fare chart displayed at the pre-paid taxi counter just outside and opposite Goa's Dabolim Airport international arrival gate, before the airport exit gate. 

Dec 25, 2012

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December 2011: Government approved fare chart displayed at the pre-paid taxi counter outside Goa's Dabolim Airport international arrival gate.

Dec 2011