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Goa - Food, Menus - South Goa (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of glimpses of food and drink in South Goa, created because Part 1 has gotten fairly long. 

In Part 1, I covered the areas of Utorda, Betalbatim, Varca and Fatrade during the period May 2011 to January 2014. Click here for Part 1.

So, here is Part 2.

January 2015: This is a quick look at beach shacks and restaurants located at Utorda, Majorda, Betalbatim and Cavelossim.    

Balton's Beach Shack and Restaurant, Utorda:

The Beach Shack (on Utorda beach) and the Restaurant (on the road about 100 metres south of Park Hyatt) have been among our favourites over the years. Not only for the food and drink, but for the atmosphere and more importantly, the warm hospitality of the owners Balthazar and family, and Tony and family. 

The decor of the restaurant is outstanding, probably one of the most impressive I have seen in Goa. Always immaculately maintained, including two vintage motorcycles from the 1970s and the 1980s (a Bullet and Rajdoot Yamaha).

As the sun begins to set, tables are set up on the sand by the water's edge which provide a setting that cannot be beat very easily. A variety of Salads to start with, including Veg,  Chicken and Tuna.

As darkness falls, candles light up the tables, as the evening seems to merge seamlessly with the night, and stars peep out. 

Though my favourite drink is the local Feni (or Fenny), of the Coconut or Cashew variety, I did try Goa's well known Kings Beer on one occasion.  

Coconut or Cahsew Feni is best mixed with slices of lime and water. A fizzy lime drink like Limca or Sprite may be added, though I find that a bit too sweet (and calorie filled). 

Adding a few slices of slit green Chillies is a very good idea, as I discovered a few years ago. The Chillies add a bit of a further punch to the Feni drink, not that you don't need much more. 

The prices of food and drink have not changed since Dec-2013-Jan 2014. In fact, the menu is the same. Prawns are an appealing starter, may be cooked in a Goan masala, typically Balchao.

Crabs and a variety of fish may be grilled or cooked in any of the Goan masalas. 

King fish, Sea bass, Mackerel, Snappers and Pomphrets are the most popular varieties of fish available in the beach shacks.

Goan masalas can very easily make up a very diversely rich Alphabet Soup. During our trip we sampled:
A for Ambotik (fish)
B for Balchao (prawn)
C for Caldin (veg)
R for Rachaedo (grilled fish)
V for Vindaloo (fish)
X for Xacuti (beef, fish, veg). We skipped C for Cafreal (chicken). 

Fishka Restaurant (opposite Alila Diwa Resort, Majorda):

Casual interiors present a very cheerful atmosphere. 

The food and drink menu is extensive. Our choice was starters like Calamari and Spring Rolls, and main course consisting of a variety of Goan curries: Prawn Balchao, Beef Xacuti and Veg Xacuti. 

Just in case you are wondering, we had no reason to complain about the service or the food. 

Magzika Beach Cafe, Betalbatim: 

Located a couple of kilometres south of Majorda, in the Betalbatim section of the beach stretch, Magzika Beach Cafe is another example of warm Goan hospitality. The large Nanu's Resort is the nearest landmark. Run by a young gentleman named Prajoy Kalekar, Magzika is extremely popular with locals as well as visitors. Magzika happily maintains separate sets of stoves, utensils, cooking oils and tandoors for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian cooking. 

A variety of seafood is typically available during lunch and dinner, comprising fish like Sea Bass, Snappers, Pomphrets, King Fish and Rock Fish, as well as Prawns and shellfish like Clams and Mussels.

Fish grilled in Goan Rachaedo masala was our perfect choice one afternoon. A mid-sized fish with accompaniments (potato fries, potato and cheese in jackets, rice, veggies, fruits) is actually just right for two people. 

The local Feni drink flows before, during and after lunch. The number of pieces of lime is a good indicator of the number of measures that have been poured.

Fat Willy's Shack, Cavelossim:

We made it as far as Cavelossim this trip. No, we did not walk from Arossim, though that's on my to-do list. We walked into a random shack that went by the name of Fat Willys. Run by a few Goan lads, very friendly, they made us feel at home right away.  

I happened to find a few bills in my bag. Here is a snapshot of typical bills from Restaurants and Beach Shacks in South Goa.

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