Monday, December 30, 2013

Goa - Food, Menus - Baga (Part 1)

Emmanuel Beach Shack, Baga, Dec 2013 - South of Britto's, North of Mambo's

Baga was mayhem on Dec 30. More people than I've ever seen, more music than I've ever heard, more chaos than I've ever encountered on the streets. 

There were fun shows to watch, though. Like some folks doing multiple back-flips, and the really 'involved' kid learning the ropes, full of concentration.

By about 8 PM, however, the crowds had got thin, the 25 strains of simultaneous music from as many shacks had quietened down, and the gently glowing candles on the tables, protected by thin glass around them, pretended as if it had been yet another 'day in the office' in Goa. 

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Emmanuel Beach Shack (Roberts), Baga, Dec 2011South of Britto's, North of Mambo's

Tuna salad, to start the proceedings.

As the sun goes down, the sun beds are taken away. Chairs and tables are arranged near the water as you prepare to settle down for the next few hours. 

The B-B-Q is fired up on the beach. 

Seafood of your choice is marinated and slowly cooked on the coals.

Huge prawns...

This is how Baga looks after sunset, as the lights of the beach shacks come alive.

Candles are placed in small holes dug in the sand near the tables at Emmanuel's shack, resulting in a subtle decoration, adding to the amazing atmosphere, with the lights of the ships at Mormugao harbour twinkling in the distance. 

Another busy day draws to a close. 

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