Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lake Nakuru - up close

Part of our revisit series, here are a few close ups at Lake Nakuru. A Hammerhead Cockerel enjoys brief moments of sunshine.

Hadada Ibis.

Little Egret. 

Sacred Ibis.

Marabou Stork.

Eco-system partners.

Good evening!

Taking a break to admire the view from Baboon Cliff lookout point.

Big baboon.

Waterbuck family.

Male Impala.

Big buffalo staring.

Another big buffalo staring.

Big buffalo grazing.

Tiny Dik-dik, only a few feet high, the smallest antelope.

Rothschild's Giraffe gazes down from up there.

Panoramic view of the lake.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ol Pejeta Conservancy - up close

Having visited Kenya in April 2013, it's time to revisit through our photographs. 

Acknowledgement: most of the photos were taken by Junior. Both of us are amateurs, we were armed with an entry level Canon DSLR and a Fuji Bridge camera that was bought just before trip to avoid 'camera fights'. 

This is a collection of close-ups, with a few landscapes thrown in for contrast. The views of the monsoon skies and clouds were amazing, indeed. 

We reached Nairobi via the Kenya Airways night flight from Mumbai. As you can probably guess, excitement was building up in anticipation, as we peered at the sun coming up slowly.

Little chirping Weaver birds welcomed us at the gate of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

 The Marabou Stork, resident at Serena Sweetwaters Tented Camp.

Blue Eared Glossy Starlings.

Lilac Breasted Roller, the national bird of Botswana and Kenya.

Tawny Eagle.

Why did the Helmeted Guinea Fowl cross the road?

Crowned Lapwing Plover.

Superb Starling.

Black Rhino.

Common Eland.


Common Zebra. The one on the right seems to be thinking 'boys will be boys'.

Oh, it's a lovely day, the sun is out in April!

Grevy's Zebra.

So, how's the weather down there?

An Impala Conference.

Thomson's Gazelle.

A Waterbuck baby has wandered into the camp. You can see the electric fence in the background. 

Gentle elle looking for food.

Thoughtfully concentrating on plucking branches.

Running for cover.

The regal, nonchalant Cheetah.

Magnificent late afternoon views of  the water hole and monsoon clouds at Serena Sweetwaters Camp, from the tea-coffee-cakes-drinks tent.

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