Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

The association of 'Pink Flamingos' with Lake Nakuru seems to overshadow the other attributes of the Lake and Park. The first question in my mind was 'Will the millions of Flamingos be around?'. Our final decision was, let the Flamingos be, we will take it as it comes, and we will enjoy the Park for all else that it has to offer.

Breakfast was at the time of 6:30 AM, we were the only ones in the hall. departure from Ol Pejeta was at 7:00 AM, we passed through the Aberdare area, mainly good roads with a rough patch in between, and reached Nakuru by 1 PM, stopping a couple of times along the way, once at a spot along the Equator, and once at the spot where we hit the Rift Valley (described in another post).

Our room at Sarova Lion Hill Lodge was the last one before the suite, which was the last room, and which we we were not entitled to, being non-suite people. Room #22 provided us a terrific view of the Lake through the trees. The afternoon was sunny, yet cloudy. The result was a magical, shimmering effect. It appeared as if we were floating above the clouds. Maybe we were. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks!

The layout below is: Room #21, Room #22 (our room), Suite, Garden, Shimmering lake, Heaven.

Our game drive began at 2:30 PM after a buffet lunch with a bunch of Conference groups. Once again, we did not pass any tourist vehicles during our drive, only Rangers' jeeps, as we went around the Lake slowly, taking about 4 hours to do so.


Our one Lion and two Lioness sighting was amazing. James, our driver, said that he noticed the flick of a 'tail' over 100 metres away. This happened while he was driving. Another realization of the value of a competent driver-guide. The lions were lying among the rocks and grass most of the time, and occasionally stirred. The photo below was taken using our new 30X bridge Fuji camera. Not of Nat Geo standard, but will do quite well for us.

Lake Nakuru was an interesting experience, with a large variety of birds and animals. The grey afternoon and cool air added to the feeling of uniqueness.

The 'millions' of Flamingos were missing. Maybe a few hundred or thousand were present. However, we sighted many Rhinos, Giraffes, and a range of creatures including the littlest Antelope, the Dik-dik, as well as Cormorants, Pelicans, Storks, Egrets and other colourful birds.

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