Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Naivasha was a pit-stop between Nakuru and Mara. Naivasha town appeared to be quite neat. We paid the equivalent of USD 70 each at the office by the Lake, for the boat ride and trip to Crescent Island. The weather was grey, with a steady, freezing drizzle. We wore a half-jacket, a full-sleeve jacket and a life jacket on top of that. Joseph was our guide, a knowledgeable man.

We were welcomed by scores of Cormorants perched up on trees near the dock area.

Hidden away towards the shore were several huge hippos at several spots around the lake. These were the only slightly disconcerting sights of the morning.

Away we went chugging around the lake in the freezing drizzle, admiring the many birds, and then on to Crescent Island.

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