Saturday, February 28, 2015

Goa - Food, Menus - Baga (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my Baga Food and Menus story. For those interested in Part 1, click here for Baga Food and Menus Part 1 (2011 to 2013).

Emmanuel Beach Shack, Baga, Feb 2015 - South of Britto's, North of Mambo's

The Indian Engineering education system has a component termed as the "Industrial Tour". The objective is noble, to expose students to real life industry. Back in 1983 (well, that's many moons ago), we were shipped off in rickety buses to the Dandeli area in the Western Ghats, to understand the complexities of hydroelectric power generation. What a wonderful trip that was, getting a glimpse of the mountains, greenery, rivers, dams and power stations. Being June, the monsoon clouds were playing hide and seek with the sun. The side show was a detour to Goa after the 'education tour'. For many, the side show was the main event. Our buses headed in the general direction of Calangute and Baga. 

Marketing brochures often referred to Calangute as the 'Queen of beaches' and to Baga as the 'Sleepy fishing village'. Probably true in June 1983, with the monsoon clouds rolling in, and near desolate beaches. Being students not terribly well off financially, we found shelter at Hotel A-Canoa opposite the GTDC complex in Calangute, and food at Epicure, a delightful, quintessentially Goan home-restaurant tucked away in the midst of vegetation behind Souza Lobo, with the sounds of the crashing waves wafting in between the bushes.  

Robert was a young lad at that time, his Dad was a generous bartender while his Mom was a terrific cook. Not hard to figure out why Epicure turned into my favourite pit stop for many years. Robert's parents have passed on since then. RIP. 

F-a-s-t f-o-r-w-a-r-d.... Robert has been running Emmanuel Beach Shack for several years now, located between Mambo and Britto's in Baga. Emmanuel is a 'permanent shack', which means he is open all year round, including the monsoon season. 

I make it a point to visit Robert whenever I find myself in North Goa. Jan and Feb 2015 have been particularly kind to me. First a family vacation, followed by several trips to teach MBA kids. Here are a few pictures of sunset at Emmanuel Beach Shack during a trip in Feb 2015. I hope you enjoy the sights and menus as much as I do, and get to imagine the flavours and sounds of Baga during sunset. 

There's nothing quite like digging your toes in the sand, gazing at the sun on its way down.  

While Robert's crew brings in the drink and food. 

Drinks flow by the water's edge, listening to the rhythm of the waves breaking not too far away as darkness gradually and silently envelopes you. This is what some of life's treats are all about. 

Glancing back, Emmanuel Beach Shack looks colourful in the dark.

View of the beach from inside the shack, with candles flickering on the tables arranged in a row on the sand.

Dinner was fish, veggies and potatoes. I forgot to turn on the flash, so the picture turned out grainy.

The tandoor is busy all evening.

Here is a glimpse of the menu.

Until next time, then! 
Happy planning and happy travels!



  1. Hi Jyothi,
    Any suggestions for good goan food near Baga?

  2. I always eat at Emmanuel shack. It's quiet. That's what I go to Goa for. Gives me a chance to catch up with my friend Robert of many years, as well.

    Besides, I don't like Brittos these days because it's super crowded and usually filled with noisy Indian youngsters. Too boisterous for my liking.

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