Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lazy days and lazier sunsets in South Goa

Winter is an amazingly comfortable time in Goa. Early mornings at Pristine Resort in Arossim were cool and serene, temperatures quite low by Goa standards. I had discovered Pristine a couple of years ago, and we have been back twice after that trip. It's worth waking up at 6 AM, sometimes at 5 AM.

Our strolls would begin early, at about 7 AM. 

Hard decisions had to be taken. Do we head north?  

Or do we head south?

Early mornings presented several opportunities to catch the rising sun.

One morning, Junior condescended to turn his camera towards us. He prefers the clouds, sun and sea, he says. 

Morning exercise and fresh air would be followed by a relaxed breakfast by the poolside. 

Goa inspires teenagers to hit the books! Guess what, the cruel school authorities have scheduled exams just after the New year.

Studying hard...

Later in the day, closer to lunch time, would be time for our second outing. That's only a couple of hours away! A leisurely stroll would take us back to the shack in Uttorda.

Back to the shack and watch the moments slip by unnoticed. 

Tender coconut to start the pre-lunch proceedings with.

Several hours to get some 'quality reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic done. Junior's exams were coming up in January. Memsahib had some coaching assignments to prepare for. I had some teaching and consulting projects to prepare for. 

Studies have proven that toes in the sand increase concentration and retention of the three Rs. 

The catch of the day was brought in every day.

Fish grilled in Racheido masala.

Smoking and hissing sizzlers. 

More fish grilled in Goan masala.

Afternoon post-lunch walks were lazy and long. 

Occasional water kicking fights erupted. Take that!

Inevitably, the victor (an avid EPL fan!) and the vanquished.

Junior then gets into the sea for a refreshing dip. The water used to be oh-so-comfortable.

Quintessential South Goa. Calm sea, low tide, long stretches of beach, splashing along in the water, barely a soul in sight, not even on New Year's Eve!

Some folks build sand castles.

Some prefer long cycle rides. The width of beach at low tide is probably several times most of our highways!

A grim reminder of the circle of life. So, be happy and make the most of life.

Afternoons melted away into evenings. 

The para-gliding crew showed up everyday late in the afternoon. A remarkably young lad, perhaps 10 years old, takes off, shrieking in excitement. 

Junior captures a parachute catching not only the wind, but the rays of the setting sun, as well. 

A younger kid has fun the old fashioned way.

One evening, Junior disappeared. I found him several hundred metres way. Camera, tripod and remote were all set up, shooting a time lapsed sunset sequence.

Here are a few pics of Junior's sunset sequence at low tide.

Meanwhile, back at the shack, the Memsahib relishes a tender coconut and scrapes out the while 'malai' inside. Yummy..!!

Tuna salad at sunset, the old favourite.

Fruits, a fitting end to the day.

The haze prevents the red ball being visible all the way as it appears to dip into the sea. 

Junior and Memsahib go for a stroll. The para-gliding seems to go on till the crew are barely able to see in the dark!

Another candle lit dinner, with life guard jeeps occasionally going by lighting up the sand.

Fish Vindaloo curry, Chicken Xacuti curry and rice.

Still sizzling Sizzlers for the Memsahib, a hot favourite this season.

Sometimes, after a sunset snack, the second part of dinner would be at Balton's restaurant on the street, with its outstanding decor and upkeep. 

King fish grilled in Ambotik masala was a nice way to conclude the day.

Cool, early mornings faded away into lazy mornings and afternoons, which in turn dissolved into lazier sunsets and evenings. That's South Goa in December!

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