Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monsoon - Day 3 - Anjuna, Baga

An early morning walk to the Anjuna cliff and down to the beach seemed like a good idea. 

A few sellers of 'T-shirts - Shorts - 'Ray-Bans' - Hats - Footwear - Junk jewellery' had set up shop towards the top of the cliff.  

Further down, towards the beach, the lane was all deserted. The skeletons of shops and restaurants remained, waiting for the magic, life-giving breadth of the 'season' to blow. 

The tide was up, the red flag was fluttering madly, the beach was littered with branches and twigs left behind by the high tide. 

The sea and clouds were all one colour - grey. Not a soul was in sight. 

The bovines rightfully take over what is their land, blissful in the warmth of the morning sunshine.

The parking lot at the head of the clliff also belongs to the bovines. Till about 9AM. 

It was time to head back to Green Field, Baga, for the Old Boys meet. 

The motor-bike ride was a pleasure, along the back roads and the real 'green fields'.  

Old Boys and their families joined in the festivities.  

School Flag and baloons fluttered in the warm breeze.     

An amazing Jazz band played for over an hour.  They obviously enjoyed playing their music, and their joy was highly contagious. 

Fisherfolk and Portugese dancers followed. 

... accompanied by lively Konkani songs.

An all-Goan, approximately 20-course menu, the likes of which are very rarely encountered.  

Sadly, it was then time to head back to Anjuna, food and drink up to the gills, once again on Navnath's motor-bike taxi, wind in the hair.  

A 'local' petrol station along the way, very thoughtful, in case your tank runs dry.  

Remember the ground in Anjuna which the cows own till about 9AM? Well, here's a picture of the same ground at 5PM. An incredible contrast..!!

The 'Independence Day' weekend was reason enough for visitors to descend in the hundreds. 

Wonder where the cows ran away to. Until they reappear in the calm of the next morning.

The Anjuna cliff, and the colourful market were busy places that evening.  

"You take scarf for the ladeee? You take ear-ring? I give you cheap praiiiice."

Searock Restaurant was very busy in the evening.

Lovey rock and blues jam sessions. 

8 PM: Back in Baga, at Cavala, for the last of the festivities. 

My flight back to Bangalore is scheduled to leave at 8:45AM the next day. 

Rukesh was waiting at Villa Anjuna with his Wagon-R at 6:30AM. 

I made it to the airport well in time, and paid him for both trips 'when you leave, ok?'.  :)

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  1. Great report often wondered what it would be like to visit out of season. Loved your pics too

  2. hey really like how you've covered your trip.

    I was searching for how good or bad goa is in the monsoon. looks like it's not so bad.. planning to go there end of june.

  3. Goa is absolutely cool during the monsoons.
    Your flight only needs to land!


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