Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hampi memories 5 - Hazara Rama Temple

The Hazara Rama temple is located within the Royal area, and deserves special mention, though it is not a particularly large temple. First, the name of the Temple. It does strike you that it is somewhat unusual. Are there 1000 carvings or 1000 statues? The name seems to be a 'fusion' name. Oh well. Dedicated to Vishnu, the temple was a private one, meant for the Royals. The sculptures on the walls, inside and outside the main temple, are absolutely exquisite.  The entrance leads in through a small entrance hall.

A group of school kids had turned  up. At least these kids are being introduced to Hampi, unlike in  the past. I do hope that they come back one day, to appreciate the significance of the Vijayanagar Empire.

Beautiful carvings dot every panel.

Not only every panel on the wall, but every pillar, as well. 

Some of the pillars are polished, quite unique, not seen in all temples. Scores of pillars, three or four or five panels per face, four faces per pillar... even many of the ceilings are carved.

Admiring the panels and sculptures has tired us out, in spite of the 'tender coconut' water. Try to imagine the skill and the dedication of the artisans who sculpted them all, some of the work being executed on monolithic statues that we saw earlier. Whew..!!

View of a couple of the polished, sculpted, stone pillars.

The photographer and the photographed, in one of the interior chambers. 

A view of the multi-pillared dance hall.

Stories of the Ramayana on the exterior walls of the main chambers.

The detail on one of the panels.... there are hundreds such, no, thousands.

Where the pillars meet the ceiling...

Hundreds of long panels depict mythological stories on the outside walls.

The ancient script, looks suspiciously familiar, quite like the Kannada or Telugu script of today.

Each panels outside is heavily ornamented, as well. Notice the ornamental 'drainage pipe' on the lower right side of the photo.

The area opposite  the main entrance of the Hazara Rama Temple was known as the Pan - Supari Bazaar. 'Pan - Supari' means 'Betel Leaf - Areca Nut'. The area beyond the flag pole leads to the Bazaar, another indication of the fame and wealth of the traders of the Vijayanagar Empire.

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