Sunday, August 4, 2013

SJBHS OBA Connect 2013 Goa

The Old Boys' Association (OBA) of our school is a strong institution. In fact, the OBA will be celebrating its centenary celebration soon. One of the highlights of the Association is the series of reunion events held at different locations every year. The first weekend in August has been reserved for Goa. The much awaited Fourth chapter of the OBA Goa Connect event was held this year at Chalston Resort, on Calangute beach.

The Saturday evening warm-up session began with old boys catching up on stories of the past.

Certainly a good idea, to be rich and smart.

 The Registration Desk gets busy.

Talking about old times...

A trio starts tuning the instruments and setting up the sound system.

The OBA Goa Chapter Vice-President Mike Rozalla and Secretary Lloyd Macedo officially welcome the gathering. 

Serious discussions begin soon enough. 

The bored kids' corner and the ladies' corner.

The Batch of 1975 was the most strongly represented (as usual), with a strength of five. Three cheers! 

Old Boys from Bangalore, Coorg, Kochi, Mangalore, Mumbai and Dubai showed up. 

The resident doctors make a point.

The post-dinner meeting stretched till 3 AM on the lawns by the beach.  Thereafter, it was pizza and beer time for some (ordered from Smokin' Joes). Whoever said Goa is not alive during the Monsoons?

Sunday morning is the time for the Committee meeting, lunch and festivities.

The School OBA and Goa OBA committee members at the meeting.

Gopal makes a point.

Mike talks about  the year gone by.

Lloyd discusses plans for the year.

Gustasp confesses that it's good to be at an OBA gathering, his first after school many decades ago.

Time to cut the cake.

Old Boys practice singing the school song.

Magically, the words come back after the years. "Ring Out the Battle Call of Duty..."

Time for the music to play, and go on till late in the afternoon.

A group photo (with most of the group).

Another view of the group (from another camera).

Five from the Batch of 1975. We had four in 2012.

The lavish Goan buffet spread gets set up. Goan rice, Veg, Chicken, Fish, Prawn, Pork, Beef, Salad and Rice. Can't ask for anything more, can you?

You can tell who the experts are.

This balancing act calls for another kind of skill.

One for the records.

Another for the records.

Keyboards and vocals.

Rahul (Toddy) goes solo this time.

The sun peeps out on Calangute beach late in the afternoon.

Monsoon clouds come and go just before sunset.

The venue of the reunion in Chalston Resort was on Calangute beach, with the sounds of the waves in the background. Hard to beat!

Fun time...

And more fun...

One of several folk dances. This is the Harvest Dance.

Time to sit back and relax.

And here come the Portugese Folk Dancers.

As the afternoon wound down and several Old Boys start getting 'homeward bound', one of the endearing sights was that of the glass balancing on and on, steady as a ship, as the saying goes.

The ship is probably setting sail for the next edition of the SJBHS OBA Connect reunion.

Thank you for joining me on my wanderings in Konkan during the Monsoons!


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