Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gokarna - Cliffs, Beaches and Mist

Close to 400 km of the drive from Bangalore to the Gokarna area is over fairly new, 4-lane, tolled highways. The last part of the drive, almost 150 km, is along a winding, narrow state highway that snakes by the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary nestled in the Western Ghats. Rains had recently drenched the area, a result of a low pressure trough that covered most of southern India. The ground was still wet from the rains, and the vegetation looked clean and fresh. 

Refuelling breaks were the excuse needed to walk around, stretch and admire the greenery.

The animals were having a remarkably lazy day. A cat peacefully slept under the shade of a roadside restaurant.

A cow nonchalantly sat in the middle of one of the lanes on the highway, indifferent to the traffic that was going by.

At Linger resort, we had not only the resort, but also the beach to ourselves. It was a long story of continued tranquility. Each trip from Linger to the outside world meant trekking on the beach, and over the narrow path leading to the neighbouring resort that was our parking slot. The dogs from Linger trotted along, escorting us on our way out. 

The paddies were amazingly lush green, the leaves gently swaying in unison in the breeze. 

The first sight of Gokarna is that of a long flight of steps leading to the rocks below. A good lookout point to survey the scene. For those from Chicago, an appropriate place to look west and wonder how far Chicago might be from Gokarna, probably a little way beyond curved horizon. 

Hmmm... so this is the famed Om Beach, said to resemble the Om symbol in the Devanagri script, if you look from way high. Or, it may even suffice if you feel way high.

Lots of rocks, pebbles and waves.

The highest spot on the road in the vicinity of Gokarna provided amazing views of the hillsides, clouds and sea. 

A perfect spot to slow down (if that was at all possible!) and relax a bit. 

Looking north, we could identify the Bhavikonda area a few kilometres away, and even beyond, the river that we had walked to.

The journey back to Bangalore began on a rainy note. A light, intermittent drizzle fell, making us want to set up an umbrella by the roadside and settle down for the morning. 

The mist made the atmosphere seem even more mysterious. 

The rain cleared up soon enough, and we went along our long drive home. For some others, it was a long walk back home.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to the Gokarna area. 

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Until next time, then! Safe travels!



  1. WHy should boys have all the fun ?? great pics Joe ! and Articulate !


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