Friday, February 14, 2014

Cheers to Olypub, Kokata!

Cities usually tend to develop "things-to-do" and "places-to-visit" lists over the years. The history and culture rich city of Kolkata (known as Calcutta until 2001) has several areas, streets and restaurants that have become synonymous with the city. One of the most well known informal meeting places, besides the coffee shops on College Street, is Olypub, short for Olympia Pub on Park Street, a landmark road in Central Kolkata. 

The atmosphere in Olypub is extremely informal. That Olypub is not particularly interested in marketing and brand building is evidenced by the fact that the picture below, which I casually clicked on my mobile phone, was chosen by TripAdvisor to represent Oly Pub (as of March 2014). 

The email from TripAdvisor said: 

"Congratulations! One of your photos has been selected to represent Olympia Pub on TripAdvisor websites around the world. 

Thank you for uploading your photo. Since Olympia Pub didn't already have an official photo on TripAdvisor, your photo will help travelers see what it looks like. We appreciate your important contributions to the community and hope you'll continue sharing your travel photos and reviews." 

The seating is functional, made cozy by the vibes. Those who expect luxury are likely to be disappointed. Those who expect prompt and friendly service will certainly not be disappointed. I was a single guest that evening. The waiter brought along two glasses, the bottle and the measuring glass. The drink is poured right in front of you. 

Once the measure is poured, the waiter pours out a bit more as a bonus amount. Customer service at its very best! 

Olypub is renowned for food, particularly the variety of Steak. 

The menu is extensive. Below are glimpses of the menu.

A pub worth visiting. No nonsense, friendly staff, quick service, good food. Open from 11 AM to 11 PM, extremely busy in between. The last order is taken at 10:45 PM.

Bon Appetit..!!

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