Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Videos - Tarangire, Central Serengeti

Here is a collection of videos ranging from ultra-short to short duration, from about 10 seconds to maybe just over a minute. Most of the videos were shot standing up in the 4x4 while the vehicle was moving. While the left hand clutched at any kind of support available, like the prop of the pop-up roof or the grill in front, the right hand tightly hung on to the camera. The vehicle meanwhile went its merry way, bouncing along on tracks that ranged from dusty to gravel like to rocky. 

The vehicle randomly went up and down, left and right, and composed an infinite number of permutations in between. We were so intent on enjoying the proceedings fully that on one occasion in the Serengeti, one of us went tumbling down and fell on the other. There were no injuries and breakages. All for a good cause.

Many of the videos are jerky. A few clips were taken sitting down, sticking the camera out of the window. 

For those who  have not traveled to Tanzania, I hope the short clips gives you a reasonably good sneak preview. For the experts, it may bring back memories. Please overlook the quality, and enjoy the ride, sights and sounds!

The names in the frame attempt to convey the context of the videos.

Junior plays a spot of soccer with the boys at the public campsite in Tarangire. We were the only guests, so it felt extremely special that evening. Armed rangers showed up a little while later to keep us company.

We had just been attacked by a mob of Tse-tse flies. It appeared that the Ostrich had also suffered a similar experience.

Thousands of Quelea birds fly up, around and down in unison.

Hundreds of Buffalo at the Swala Swamp in Southern Tarangire appeared to be interested in our welfare.

The drive from the Ngorongoro Crater viewpoint on the western side to Naabi Hill in Serengeti was about two hours. The cold and the fog gradually gave way to the sun peeping out from behind the clouds, lighting up the meadows where domestic cattle grazed with Wildebeest, Zeebra and an occasional giraffe. The road got winding and bumpier as we headed north towards the plains of Serengeti. 

After a hour or so, the road stayed bumpy, got dusty and very straight most of the way. 

A Lioness was stalking a herd of Zebra near a watering hole one evening at sunset. She was part of a pride of maybe 10 Lions, Lionesses and Cubs. Many mouths to feed!

The Zebra were in an extreme state of panic. They could sense the presence of a Lion. The Lion was actually hiding in the grass about 100 metres away waiting for the opportune moment. 

The Zebras ran back and forth. They wanted a drink, at the same time were panic stricken. 

All the Zebras safely retreated into the plains in a cloud of dust, away from the watering hole. A few members of the pride had branched off towards the plains away from the watering hole a little while ago. We left the scene and headed to Nyani Campsite wondering whether the Lions' plans would work that night. 

Junior had work to do. He had to set up the camera and tripod, to capture a few glimpses of the Serengeti sky at night.

Thank you for watching! The next set of videos covers sights and sounds in Central Serengeti, Western Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Natron. After that, we head back to Arusha.


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Videos - Tarangire, Central Serengeti

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