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SJBHS OBA Connect 2014 Goa

The first weekend in August is slotted for the Goa chapter of the Old Boys' Association of St Joseph's Boys' High School, Bangalore.  While the school was founded in 1858, the OBA was started in 1919.

Four more to go for the OBA to turn 100 years! The series of events held in India and overseas have been branded as the 'OBA Connect'.  

Chalston Resort on Calangute Beach is the venue of the 2014 event, for the second year running, and will probably be the venue in 2015, as well.  

Rahul and Akshay are all smiles at the warm dinner on Sat, Aug 2. 

Several from the Batch of 75 tuck into the food and drink. Food consists of a range of spicy snacks.  

A local singer gets some assistance from Rahul. 

Gopal, President of the OBA tries to scare the photographer away.    

The festivities begin by 8 PM.

The old 'balancing' dance. 

The best represented batch, as has been since 2012, three years in a row.

Four from the Batch of 75 were present on Saturday, and one more (Dr Amod) showed up the next morning. Ally, Harold, Dr Kiran and Jyotinath. 

Sunday morning pre-breakfast activities included walks on the beach and pool volleyball. 

The 'meeting room' is located about 10 metres from Calangute Beach. 

A quick stroll or a quick dip is always on the cards. Some folks find the beach a convenient place to stay connected. 

Rahul with your's truly. 

Rahul with your's truly Junior, a very frequent guest at the OBA events. 

While the OBA meeting is about to start, the sea roars away, typical Monsoon waves and skies. 

Some guests choose to read a book.

The plastic sheets keep the old Blue and White Flag from being blown away by the strong Monsoon winds. 

This is the 'formal' part of the event, the OBA Goa Committee meeting. 

Lloyd (Class of 1974) welcomes the gathering. 

Mike (Class of 1956) says a few words.

Gopal (class of 1974) adds the Indian and Global perspective, and describes a few plans for the future. 

'Faith and Toil', the School Song, is sung loudly, so familiar after all these years.

Rahul provides the accompaniment for the School Song, and also provides much of the entertainment over the two days. 

Quite a range of snacks (Beef and Pork) before lunch.  

Some Old Boys and their families take a break for a spot of Soccer on the beach. 

Dr Amod (Batch of 75) says 'cheese'. 

A troupe of dancers and acrobats from Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania provide an amazing performance for over 30 minutes. 

Smiling all the time, they demonstrate superlative feats that the human body is capable of. 

Enjoy the photos that follow, and the Video further below..... 

Balancing a bottle on a stick...

If that was not enough, balancing two bottles on a stick.

Never letting the spinning balls drop, and no hands are used.

Balancing a ball on a stick.

Amazing flexibility.

Oops, now did he get into the narrow drum? Where's the second leg? 

Strength and flexibility on show.

And a Hat Juggling hat, too, first by one acrobat and then by the entire group. Some of the guests try their hand, as well. 

Here's a Video:

The performance by the Old Boys' continues till lunch. 

Some take a break for a little Soccer by the side. 

The multi-course meal is getting ready, one of the highlights every year in Goa. 

The Bar stays open (till late afternoon!). 

Time to sing 'Happy Birthday'. 

Calangute Beach was the venue of the 2014 edition, the fifth in Goa. The previous ones were held in Calangute (2013), Anjuna (2012), Baga (2011) and Arpora (2010). 

Entertainers from Goa add flavour to the music and songs.

The food consists of a few Veg dishes, and (in alphabetical order), Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pork, Prawns and Turkey. And Rice and Sannas.  Followed by Dessert. An elaborate Goan meal!


The sea breeze, music, dance, food and drink seem to be a happy combination for AGK (Class of 1972).

Shashi seems thrilled that the food was well appreciated. Several of the meat raw materials were sourced from his farm.

Dr Kiran gets the fiendish glint in the eye.

Meanwhile, the music played on, till late afternoon.

Lyrics were read off the mobile phone. 

Colin smiles broadly, in spite of a dislocated collar bone.

Happy family!

Mike (Class of 1956) holds up the 1955 Annual, very well preserved. 

Lloyd gets into the story-telling mood. 

Thanks to Lloyd, Gopal, Rajeev, Shashi and the others in the OBA Committee for having put together another super reunion in Goa. Those who show up are always grateful for the happiness in the air. 

Thanks to the Chalston Resort for hosting the 2013 and 2014 editions of the SJBHS OBA Goa reunion.

Please click below for:

Goa OBA Connect 2013

Goa OBA Connect 2012 (using the same branding!)

Glimpses of the Baga-Calangute area during the 2014 monsoon season

Glimpses of the Baga-Calangute area during the 2013 monsoon season

Faith and Toil!

Until next time, then!


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