Sunday, August 9, 2015

SJBHS OBA Connect 2015 Goa

The OBA Connect event in Goa kicks off the series at several locations, typically ending with Kerala in May. Previous events in Goa were held in 2010 and 2011 (Baga), 2012 (Anjuna), and 2013 and 2014 (Calangute) all in North Goa. The 2015 event was held at the lovely beach front Chalston Beach Resort, like the previous two.

Some folks reach early...

The warm-up dinner was held on Saturday, 8 August at the beach facing restaurant. The garden was tastefully and subtly lit up.

Lots of music, drink and food inside as Old Boys got a chance to catch up after a year. 

The main event was held on Sunday, 9 August. Old Boys and their families got a chance to stroll along the beach before the start, or just sit on the chairs on the lawn and take in the views of the fairly seas that still wore the Monsoon look.

Goa during the monsoons never fails to remind me of the lines we had learned in School: "And still of a winter's night they say, When the wind is in the trees, And the moon is a ghostly galleon, Tosses upon cloudy seas." It's the "cloudy seas" bit that rings true. On severely overcast monsoon days, you would find it hard to figure out where the sea ends and where the clouds begin. Today was not one of those days, though.     

The senior Old Boys who graduated in the mid-1950s stand together for a photograph.

The venue gets busy by about 11:30 AM, while it's time for a quick game of soccer for some. 

The Members of the Committee of the Goa Chapter of the OBA had an unually long meeting this year. 

Soon after, Lloyd Macedo welcomes all the Old Boys, families and invitees. 

President Gopal Bengeri says a few words, uncharacteristically short by his standards, probably because we had been alerted by the management that the auto shut-off switch of the electricity system may get triggered off should any speech go too long beyond permissible limits. 

The cake to honour the OBA, which would be cut after lunch. 

Lloyd Macedo and Gopal Bengeri lead the singing of the School Song, with Rahul "Toddy" Tadimalla on the keyboard. "Jawwwwww....." that's your note! 

Old Boys join in singing the School Song, with a little help from a sheet of paper. For most, it's been several decades. 

Animated conversations continue around the beach front restaurant. 

The snacks arrive soon after, consisting of Fish and Beef snacks. 

Meanwhile, for the discerning few, the most popular drink by far is the Goan Cashew Feni. The best quality has been thoughtfully bought and carefully preserved by Lloyd for this annual occasion. 

The food is, in typically OBA Connect Goa style, a vast spread. White rice, Pulao, Veg Caldin, Goan Prawn Curry, Chicken Cafreal, Pork Sorpotel, Roast Pork, Crumb Fried Modso Fish and Salad. With many thanks to Shashi Lewis for his continuing contribution.   

Ah, not to forget the Ice-cream for those who wish to cool off after the drinks and huge meal. 

It's time for cutting the cake. Some members of the OBA Committee Goa Chapter line up with OBA President Gopal Bengeri: Dr Amod Borkar, Lloyd Macedo, Fulgence Rodericks and Mike Rozalla. Cake cutting is followed by singing the School Song, with Toddy on the keyboard. 

Meanwhile, the afternoon ticks by... 

Toddy lights up the event with his rendition of Rock and Blues. 

Jeevan Alvares adds fizz with his animated vocals. 

The Batch of 75, as always, is well represented at the OBA Connect Goa event. 

President Gopal Bengeri decides to award a prize to the four from the Batch of 75, to recognize the most well represented batch for the fourth consecutive year (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015). 

The Cultural part of the event featured a academically brilliant young school girl who is a Bharat Natyam dancer, happy to be getting an opportunity to dance at the event. Introduced by Mrs Lloyd Macedo.

Folk dancers also grace the occasion with a variety of Goan and Portugese costumes and dances. 

It's time to wind down the music and dance, and say "Good bye", as the sun climbs down behind the clouds. 

With respects to Mario Miranda, a reputed Old Boy.

The rains have been kind to the OBA Connect event this year, and the weather has been marvellous. 

"Kenna sun, kenna rain...."


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