Wednesday, December 30, 2015

South Goa Sunsets

Having negotiated a prolonged lunch at the Beach Shack in Betalbatim, it's time for the stroll back to Arossim. Looking around, I realize it's about supply and demand. While we demandsea food, the fisher folks are busy fulfilling our demand. Some boats head to sea early morning, while some head out at sunset. Some return at sunset, extricate the catch from the nets and lay the nets out to dry. 

Most of the catch consists of Mackerel. 

Parking the super heavy fishing boats on the sand calls for super human strength, a result of teamwork, greased supports and coordinated pull and push efforts. 

Further down in the Arossim area, groups of visitors are busy playing a game of Cricket, as the shadows lengthen. 

The para sailing crew prepare to wind up for the day as the sun lights up the parachute. Maybe they are checking for wear and tear? Do they ever do that?

For others, it's time to sit in the shallow water so that the Life Guards don't get an opportunity to blow their whistles. A quiet moment, gazing at the sinking sun. 

Sunset is as good a time as any for a picture, eh? Say cheese!

For the fishermen, getting back in one piece is not the goal. They need to prepare for the day ahead, for yet another trip into the sea.  

The sun continues to sink down, a red ball of fire that's visible for quite a while during the summer and winter. 

Some folks refuse to give up!

The sun appears to inch its way closer to the horizon. The last few moments are surprisingly quick. 

Suddenly the sun is almost gone, and in a few short moments, nowhere to be seen.  

The rays of the setting sun light up the fields behind Pristine Resort, a grand view from Room 306. 

Time for a family selfie during sunset!

The Life Guards have gone away, but the last of the water sports continues. No opportunity to lose, the season will not last for ever. 

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