Saturday, January 2, 2016

The last Beach Shack in South Goa

It's time to take a little walk, I thought. Let me head North of Arossim, and figure out what's going on up there. It was a comfortable, lazy afternoon and I felt I needed the exercise before starting to figure out what the next meal is going to be made of. So I set off, armed with a bottle of water. 

The beach stretches away towards the cliff and further on to Dabolim airport. No evidence of commercial tourism beyond about half kilometer of the Park Hyatt. No water sports, no beach shacks. 

Local visitors were in plenty that Saturday evening, most having come in from interior parts of Goa near the areas that border the neighbouring state of Maharashtra. This group of kids said that a visit to the sea side is a rare occasion for them.  

While the months of December and January are certainly cooler than the rest of the year, some visitors find the going rather rough, and need to wear a hooded top to protect themselves from the 25 degrees C breeze.  

Little kids race by the edge of the water, with elders playing referee. Wagers, anyone? 

About 3.5 km north of Park Hyatt I finally reach what appears to be the last beach shack on that stretch. I step inside to buy a bottle of water. 

The look of the beach changes north of this point, with fishing boats dotting the area, and nothing much else until you reach the cliffs ahead. The industrial complex of Zuari Agrochemicals is visible further ahead. 

The area between Arossim and Cansaulim is home to several clusters of fisher folks homes. Several huts and several fishing boats. 

This boat appears all set to set out to sea, with the owner appearing to make last minute checks. Fishing nets have been dried, and rolled up carefully making a pile in the boat. 

A long, empty stretch of beach appears before the next bunch of shacks and people appear at Arossim further south. 

Fishing boats are parked all along the beach. 

Some boats appear ready to sail - nets, oars and baskets are all getting loaded.

The evening sea was calm as a bird flew around, probably looking for fish. I estimated that I have about a kilometer or so to reach Arossim, and another kilometer to reach Utorda, which was my target that evening. 

Here we are, back to Arossim, with the sunbeds and shelters of Park Hyatt visible in the distance and a few shacks.

A group of fishermen that has just arrived appear to be discussing the day's catch as their nets get laid out on the sand to dry. Next step is inspection and repair. The crows in the area have probably managed to steal a few small fish from the nets.   

Further south, the family waits in Utorda, lost in thought. It's time to catch the last rays of the sun, and watch the beach life of humans slow down and stop for the night. 

It's been a quick walk, about 8 km and 2 hours, up to what appears to be the last beach shack in the northern end of South Goa. 

Maybe I need to walk further ahead next time, up to the area closer to the Zuari Agrochemicals plant that is brightly lit up at night.  

The 'Old and Evil man' representing 2015 has been blown away to welcome the fresh, new 2016. May I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead. 

Thank you for joining me for my pleasant walk in the initially bright afternoon that slowly changed into the gentle glow of the afternoon sun. Until next time, then!

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