Sunday, April 30, 2017

Summer evenings in South Goa - 2017

The Arossim area of North Goa has been our favoured place to stay over the past several years. The rather peaceful beach stretches coupled with resort, restaurants and shacks so well known to us are a powerful combination. As you step on Arossim Beach via the lane that runs by the Park Hyatt Hotel, the sight of the waves that the wind has carved on the sand is remarkable, indeed. Worth pausing for a minute to admire.

Typical summer late afternoons, with the sun still a few hours from setting, offers a good opportunity to explore the area for a few kilometres further south. 

Balton's Shack, one of our favourites, is located about half a kilometer south of the Park Hyatt on Uttorda Beach. 

A warm welcome from Bala and staff, and it's time to settle down with a cold drink of the all-natural Urak. It is, after all, Urak season from April to early June.  

Tables are laid out nearer the water a little before Sunset. This is one of the loveliest hours of the day that can be experienced in Goa. The last of the walkers make their way back home. And the last of the soccer players kick the ball around. 

Due to lack of clouds, the sun can be tracked down to the point that it appears to disappear into the sea. 

The toes dug deep in the sand is an indication of the level of comfort, as the beach empties out. 

After several more minutes of admiring the sunset views when time seems to freeze, it's time to head to the restaurant by the street. 

Here's a little video of the period when the sun is just about to set. 

The waves seem to resign themselves to the fact that the day has come to an end. 

It gets increasingly peaceful all around.

Th sun is a little red ball, this is imdeed a summer special.

The walk along the beach while the after glow lights the sky is quiet and pleasant. There appears to be enough light to keep the suspicious beach dogs away.  

On one of the days, the moon had risen just while the sun had set. Quite a pretty sight, though the photo taken with the mobile phone does not do justice.

Balton's Restaurant run by Tony has been my haunt for the past 8 years or so. Incredibly well maintained, the decor is striking, and includes two motorcycles from the late 1970s, a Rajdoot Yamaha and a Bullet.

Dinner to be sampled spans Goan Cafreal, Xacuti and Vindaloo over several days.

Pristine Resort is a terrific dinner venue, as well, both in the restaurant overlooking the pool as well as poolside. 

Summer evenings are pleasant by the pool, good to wind down after long days out by the sea. 

Breakfast every morning by the pool is an extremely pleasant way to start the day. 

Rooms in Pristine are maintained very well. There is a range of rooms, ranging from single bedrooms to large apartments with kitchens. All the apartments overlook the pool.  

It's time to pack and head out to the airport. Another summer trip has come to an end. 

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Until next time, then! 

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